For the Giving Type

It’s easy to focus on only elections as a time to make our voice heard, but the reality is this: we vote each and every day with the purchases we make, and we hope that by dedicating 1% of gross revenue generated to the Malamulo Catchment Area Water Protection Project, we’ll help make you feel good about getting great legal work, and also doing some good along the way.

At the end of the day we look at your business through the lens of the law and try and find ways to help improve your bottom line, and protect you to help ensure long-term success. Together we’ll create something together, partners in an effort to improve not only business, but also our community.

About the Malamulo Water Protection Project

In the catchment area of Malamulo Hospital, the lack of clean safe water is an issue of great concern and a chronic problem of need. This issue has been identified through the community health department and its interaction with the local leaders of the local communities.

In the area, there are 91 unprotected shallow wells or springs and 11 non-functioning boreholes. To address the issue of access to safe drinking water in their catchment area, the Malamulo Hospital has started a project to not only protect these unprotected water points, but to provide the communities with the education they need to make these changes sustainable.

Have questions about how your work with us will help to provide clean water to this small community in Malawi? Want to get more invovled? We'd love to hear from you.